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Bagged products offered at Yard Works

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  • Bagged Mulch


    $3.49 – $3.99

    Yard Works’ own bagged mulch. Available in three colors: Jet Black, Chestnut Brown, and Cherry Pine. Also Double Shredded hardwood bark mulch

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  • Grass Seed


    $89.99 – $99.99

    Yard Works’ own grass seed offered at our retail locations in 50 lb bags!

    • Triple Threat Tall Turf Grass Seed 50 lb bag: $99.99
    • Quick Start Contractor Mix Seed 50 lb bag: $89.99
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  • Lime and Fertilizer


    $6.99 – $28.00

    Yard Works’ retail locations also sell bagged lime and fertilizer. Don’t forget to pick some up while you’re getting your mulch and gravel!

    • Pelletized Lime 40 lb Bag: $6.99
    • Starter Fertilizer 50 lb bag: $28.00
    • Pre & Post Emergent 50 lb bag: $28.00
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  • Straw Bales / Mats


    $7.00 – $40.00

    Straw Bales and Mats available at all locations!

    • Bales: $7.00
    • Mat 8’x120′: $40
    • Mat 4’x240′: $40
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