Designer Dyed Auburn


$39.95 Cu. Yd.
Delivery fees
3-9 cu yds = $55.00
10-20 cu yds = $40.00
Fuel Surcharge $10.00

Long lasting fade resistant designer mulch to enhance your landscape with a FULL SEASON OF COLOR. Designer mulches must be given a minimum of 12-24 hours without rain or irrigation to ensure the highest quality of the product.


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Product Description

Yard Works produces the highest quality colored mulch. We grind only clean, natural bark and recyclable wood and use all-natural, non-toxic, water soluble dyes to give the mulch a rich, vibrant color. With our wide array of colors, it’s easy to enjoy that beautiful “just mulched look” all season long.

Here are a few helpful tips when using dyed mulch:

  • Avoid rainy days; we recommend 24 hours of drying time after mulch is applied.
  • Dump bulk mulch on a tarp; heavy rains may wash color off of the mulch and stain driveways.
  • Wear old clothing and gloves when applying mulch.
  • If an area becomes stained, use soap, water and a stiff brush to remove. Even though our products contain a water based dye, it can be difficult to remove after it dries.