Filtrexx GardenSoxx

Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs.

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Product Description

Grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs right in your backyard! Yard Works is a certified manufacturer of Filtrexx™ GardenSoxx®. These easy-to-use mesh growing systems are a breeze to maintain and add beautiful, professional effects to your landscaping. They also provide for an efficient, small-scale drip irrigation system that slowly waters plants so there is virtually no water waste.

Filtrexx™ GardenSoxx® delivers a compost-based medium and mesh containment that supplies the ideal soil when planting your favorite vegetables or seeds. You can even tear the bag to distribute the soil in hard-to-reach places, such as potted or hanging plants. We also provide a selection of Filtrexx™ GardenSoxx® gardening kits, so you can plant a garden virtually anywhere you like. With GardenSoxx®, it’s easy to maintain flower beds, vegetable gardens, patio plants and more!

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Filtrexx GardenSoxx