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Yard Works is happy to be Central Virginia’s first certified installer of Filtrexx™, a full product line that provides innovative solutions to erosion and sediment control through the use of organic products custom installed within a mesh FilterSoxx™. Offering a unique, 3-way filtration system, FilterSoxx™ provides a blend of physical, chemical and biological compost that is housed within a mesh bag, creating a barrier that reduces stormwater runoff. The end result is erosion control that you can rely on to get the job done.
All Filtrexx™ products are not only EPA approved for controlling run-off on construction sites as well as living walls and stream bank restorations, but have also been voted nationwide as the “Best Available Environmental Technology” by The National Association of Environmental Professionals.


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Yard Works can construct:

  • Filtrexx Living Walls™, a natural retaining wall system
  • Filtrexx Edge Saver™, a green solution to eroded stream banks and pond edges

Yard Works offers:

  • SiltSoxx™ – The original mesh tube filled with FilterMedia™. Used instead of silt fence, SiltSoxx™ is the perimeter control device that actually works. It stops silt and sediment leaving your jobsite and helps keep you in compliance. SiltSoxx™ stops pollutants in two ways: by allowing water to temporarily pond outside the sock and by cleansing water as it passes through the sock so sediment is either filtered or settled out.
  • InlettSoxx™ – Three-dimensional tubular sediment control and storm water runoff filtration devices typically used for storm drain inlet protection of sediment and soluble pollutants (such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons) on and around construction activities. They are pre-cut to 10′ lengths, easy to install and extremely durable.
  • DitchChexx™  – Three-dimensional tubular check dam devices used in storm water drainage ditches and small channels on or near land-disturbing activities. These devices remove sediment and soluble pollutants (such as phosphorus and petroleum hydrocarbons) present in storm water runoff. They are pre-cut to 10′ lengths, easy to install and extremely durable.
  • GardenSoxx® – Deliver a compost-based medium and mesh containment that supplies the ideal soil when planting your favorite vegetables or seeds. You can even tear the bag to distribute the soil in hard-to-reach places, such as potted or hanging plants. We also provide a selection of Filtrexx™ GardenSoxx® gardening kits, so you can plant a garden virtually anywhere you like. With GardenSoxx®, it’s easy to maintain flower beds, vegetable gardens, patio plants and more. To learn more about how the Filtrexx™ GardenSoxx® system works, visit

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