Biofilter Soil Blends

Yard Works uses just the right amount of organic humus mixed with Virginia’s finest soils to create our product. Humus is the organic growing part of soil and this is what determines the quality of topsoil that you are buying. Yard Works offers a choice of: Organic Growing Media, Screened Top Soil, Master Blend Bed Mix, Master Blend Turf Mix, Specialty Bio Filtration and Retention Mixes.  We can also create soils made to your specification.

Organic matter is one of the few things you can change when you start working with topsoils of poor quality. Topsoils that have higher organic matter have better moisture holding capacity and space distribution for the plant’s roots. The best soils are sandy loam or loam, as classified on the USDA soil triangle. Loams with 5% or higher organic matter are known as highly productive. At Yard Works, we carefully add the right amount of compost to our soils, which creates ideal conditions for these organisms to thrive.

We also provide custom made BIO-FILTER soils for the Filtrexx Bioretention System™. This is a storm water best management practice (BMP) that utilizes soil, plants, and microbes to filter, retain, and then  infiltrate storm water runoff from developed sites. Bioretention is an important component of the Low Impact Development (LID) strategies because it is simple, inexpensive, effective and also aesthetically attractive. Yard Works manufactures Filtrexx GrowingMedia™, which is an important component of a successful Bioretention System™ installation.  Call us today to learn more about our Bio-filter soils.

Bio-retention also reduces the volume of storm water runoff which will leave a developed site through interception of rainfall on vegetated surfaces. It will also reduce the volume of storm water runoff and leave a developed site through infiltration of runoff into the soil and groundwater. Bio-retention also works to filter pollutants that are commonly found in storm water runoff by managing the setting of large particles.

Yard Works also offers on-site screening services that can help to reduce your soil removal costs. We operate multiple types of soil screens that will produce a quality reusable soil right at your job site. Whether you need finished topsoil to compost to industrial site cleanup or logging services, Yard Works has the right equipment for the job.