Yard Works is Central Virginia’s first certified installer of Filtrexx™.  Filtrexx™is a full product line that provides innovative and unique solutions to erosion and sediment control using organic products that are custom installed within a mesh FilterSoxx™. This offers a unique, 3-way filtration system, FilterSoxx™ that provides a blend of physical, chemical and biological compost housed within a mesh bag that creates a barrier to reduce stormwater runoff.

The ending result is erosion control that you can rely on to get the job done.

All Filtrexx™ products are EPA approved for controlling run-off on construction sites and as living walls and stream bank restorations.  The products have also been voted nationwide as the “Best Available Environmental Technology” by The National Association of Environmental Professionals.

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Yard Works can construct:

  • Filtrexx Living Walls™, which is a natural retaining wall system
  • Filtrexx Edge Saver™, which is a green solution for eroded stream banks and pond edges